We work alongside community organisations and local secondary schools promoting the areas of sexual health and personal development.

We facilitate and deliver programmes that are aimed specifically at key issues for young people. Recognising the importance of relevant and age appropriate education for young people, our programmes are developed from needs identified both from within the local school community and from outside youth service providers.

Our youth workers are trained and experienced in the CCEA school curriculum and can work alongside current programmes.

Programme Costs
Education programmes are subject to a small administration charge, which can be discussed when making a booking. Where possible we strive to secure funding to cover programme costs.

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Suitable for Year 8

Puberty can be embrassing, awkward and sometimes confusing – but it doesn’t have to be!

This informative workshop looks at the effects of puberty on young men and young women, as well as the hygiene issues connected.

We aim to promote positive personal hygiene and tackle the tricky issues around poor hygiene.

We share the facts, discuss the challenges and offer practical advice and tips on how best to look after your body and highlight the best use of appropriate products an their uses.

We work to empower young men and women, enabling them to be confident in who they are.

Sessions are divided by gender and facilitated by male and female staff members.

Topics covered in this workshop:

• Physical Changes
• Emotional Changes
• Body Image
• Self Esteem
• Hygiene Products


Suitable for Year 10 / 11

“Super resources, without a doubt the highlight of my class this year.”

Our Personal Development programmes range from one off lessons to mutiple sessions and can cover a range of topics depending on needs. Facilitation methods include group participation, visuals, activities and debates.

Our aim isn’t to tell young people what they should do but to give them the information and provide a platform for them to make their own informed choices.

All our sessions can be customised to suit the needs of your school or group.

These sessions are aimed at year 11+ pupils

Topics covered in these workshops:

• Influences and Identity
• Self Esteem and Self Worth
• Healthy Relationships and Expectations
• Contraception and Choices
• Sexually Transmitted Infections
• Pregnancy


Suitable for Year 14

“I want to be seen as someone who has respect for sex and for myself.”

Sometimes we never gets past condoms and STIs. While these topics are are important, there’s lots more to talk about when it comes to positive sexual health.

This programme is designed to look at the key sexual health issues for young men and young women, in a safe and positive environment.

We talk physical, emotional and mental health and discuss what exactly it means to give consent for sex!

Topics covered in this workshop:

• Barries to Sexual Health
• Attitudes to Sex
• Sexual Image
• Self Esteem
• Body Image
• Gender Specific Issues


Suitable for Year 11 / 12

We live in a world that is more connected and challenging than ever before.

Our Connected workshop explores the impact of technology and the use of the internet.

We identify the various aspects of having an online relationship and highlight the risks associated with technology. We cover sexting, bullying and how our self esteem is connected to our online interactions.

We present the dangers of online activity and what the law has to say about protecting young people from exploitation.

These issues are discussed in a sensitive and mature manner.

Topics covered in this workshop:

• Use of the Internet
• Online Relationships
• Self Esteem and Self Worth
• Social Media
• Sexting
• Cyberbulling
• Sex and the Law

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